App Update: We’ve Slimmed Down

We’ve cleaned house and decided one app is better than two. So now instead of our Whiz App and Whiz Provider app, we merged both apps into the Whiz App and did away with the Whiz Provider app.

With this new change, a user can switch between the customer and provider side with just the click of a button that is located at the top of the app’s homepage and on the profile page.




Press Release: Whiz App and Provider App (iOS) is Officially Released

Press Release: Whiz App and Provider App (iOS) is Officially Released



FLORIDA – Predict Any LLC is excited to launch their new app WHIZ, available for IOS download in the app store. WHIZ is a next level app that will not only revolutionize the speed in which our problems are solved but also the personalization of the service. It is also connecting people from all over together through the click of a few buttons.

WHIZ is comprised of two apps, a customer and provider app. Each app contains 14 topic categories:

  • Translation
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Pets
  • Auto
  • Garden
  • Electronics
  • Apps & Software
  • Copywriting
  • Home Repairs
  • Food & Beverage
  • Tutoring
  • Health & Fitness
  • Life & Wellness
  • Travel


Through a three click process, WHIZ is able to connect the customer with a list of knowledgeable providers. Once the customer posts their question, he/she chooses between the list providers and connect with the provider they want in under two minutes. Once service begins the customer has the ability to speak to the provider through text/photos, video, or phone call. The first five minutes of the service are free. Upon the five-minute mark, the user will be notified on whether to continue and from that moment on he/she will be charged. OR the customer can stop the service where he/she can decide whether to pay or not. Every additional 5 minutes after is $1 that is paid to the provider who is servicing the customer.

Customer Benefits:

On-demand – get answers to your questions on your time
Free vetting – find a provider you like at no extra cost
Personal – unlike other services, you get one-on-one questions answered, tutorials, etc until you are satisfied with your answer.


There are 14 categories and over 100 sub-categories the provider chooses from in the WHIZ provider app. They click as many as they have expertise in. The provider is paid $1 per 5 minutes of service and has the ability to earn $12/hr. They also control their availability at the click of a button.

Provider Benefits:

Flexible hours – you work when you want and not when you don’t
Fast money – the money is deposited into your account every time you make a sale
Endless opportunity – with hundreds of millions of people in the United States the opportunity to make money is endless.
One of the most important of the many features WHIZ offers is the rating system. Like any peer-to-peer service, quality control of the user and provider is in the hands of one another.

Another great feature is the ability to be both a user and provider. Which means you can get paid for the things you know and pay someone for an intimate and personal explanation or tutorial, for the things you don’t know.

About Predict Any, LLC:

Predict Any, LLC is an app start-up company that has, over the course of four years, released three successful apps including their recent release Whiz Customer and Whiz Provider app. The company was founded by Sean Lin, an entrepreneur from South Florida, who also manages a very successful real estate company. Predict Any, LLC works in conjunction with their in-house engineer, Carlos Torres, a senior software engineer from Brazil who owns a mobile app development company, Cacira. He has created apps in Brazil and the U.S. for many companies and has worked with Lin for the past 4 years turning Lin’s app vision into a viable app.

Media Contact:

Sharifa Daniels
Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Predict Any LLC