An innovative peer-to-peer app that personalizes how people get their questions answered and problems solved by connecting a customer user with a real-person provider.

Download the app and find out…Just kidding, but if you wanted to take that route here’s the link to download: http://apple.co/2gFaxAs (iOS) or http://bit.ly/2jshuUP (android)

If not here’s the real explanation:
In a few short clicks, a customer poses their question and then chooses between a list of skilled providers who will answer their question for them. Once the pick their provider the session begins via text message, phone call or video chat. The customer and provider can also upload documents and pictures for a more detailed experience.

The three main perks of being a provider are: you can control your availability on the app, you make money answering questions you would normally answer for free and the through the app providers can get more exposure for their brand.

The three main perks of being a provider are: it’s very affordable to get help, once the customer asks their question in under 2-minutes they can connect with a skilled provider and the customer can receive personalized one-on-one help with anything.

The more the merrier. You can be both a customer and provider by the click of a button. Seriously you click the down arrow next to the word “Whiz” and then you switch profiles.

Next to nothing. The customer only pays $1 per 5 minutes with the first five minutes being optionally free. Once the customer chooses to pass the 5-minute mark, they automatically opt in to pay the first five minutes. *

*The customer will be notified when they hit the 5-minute mark, plus there is a timer on the screen during the session.

Why not the name Whiz? No seriously, what’s the first thing you think of when someone says Whiz? Math whiz (genius), wizard (magically or in terms entrepreneurs understand, they make the impossible, possible) and fast (which means well…fast).

So, there’s the big secret behind our pretty savvy name.

For a limited time, for new customers, If you download Whiz now you get a $5 credit and forever one you invite to join and they do, you get a $1 credit.